Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LHC produces new matter, maybe

Looks like the LHC is at it again folks.
First, as announced on July 4th of this year, the Higgs Boson particle was apparently at least discovered. Well, now it appears that it may have produced a new type of matter. This is according to an analysis of collision data by the scientists at the (CMS) Compact Muon Solenoid collaboration. They also had assistance from researchers at MIT and Rice University.  
            The new type of matter, (yet to be verified) is theorized to be one of two possible forms at the moment.
1)      A flattened nucleus transformed into a wall of gluons. Basically like a glue of smaller subatomic particles. They are calling it “Color-Glass Condensate.”
2)      A dense soup or liquid-like collection of individual particles called “Quark-gluon plasma.

Gunther Roland, an MIT physicist who led in the analysis of the collisions had this to say in an upcoming paper.
“The color-glass condensate is one of the two most prominent possible explanations for the effect we have seen, with the other being the creation of a dense ‘liquid’ system that expands and leads to the observed correlations.”
 “Formation of a quark gluon plasma in the much smaller [proton-lead collisions] system would be considered rather surprising.” It only exists at extremely high temperature (several trillion degrees Kelvin).”
Either of these strange types of matter would have been around at the start of the Universe, shortly after the Big Bang (hence the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator’s nickname). The color glass composite is also considered to be a precusor to the quark gluon plasma.
            Here’s what they are saying makes this discovery so remarkable. It occurred after only four hours’ worth of collisions of protons and lead ions. They weren’t expected to form anything new, but guess what.
One more proof to never completely trust what you think, or are told. Always try the experiment even if they say you are nuts, or you yourself think you are nuts. (Kind of referring to myself there, and I am sure a few of you as well)
            You know, I kind of wish they would let me in there to play with that thing. Of course, I’d probably find a way to blow it to oblivion. I’m sort of good at that, just wish I did it on purpose, and not by accident which is usually the case.
            Now I am quite sure there are those of you out here that understand all this better than I do. After reading it on that “Y” site we all know, it took me nearly an hour to find a decent article on it.  My science sites failed me miserably this time. Here’s the link for all of you that are better in physics than me.


One other thing from me however. If any of you know a good site to actually keep up with all of this, please let me know. Honestly, most of my science sites are based almost strictly on Nasa and space. I really need to update my home page. Thanks folks.


Beam Me Up said...

Kall you are a braver man than I! I read about this a couple of days ago and was trying to wrap my head around it. I figure if I can not talk sensibly about a subject I shouldn't put it up! This colored glass condensate makes my bwain hert.....

kallamis said...

Yeah I had to read through this twice myself. to start processing it. Like I said, there are those here I am sure that understand the intricacies a lot better than me. Even though I have a theory here, and a slightly far out there one, I'll keep it to myself. I have lots more research to do before I would ever bring it up yet.

Beam Me Up said...

No doubt! I can barely wrap my head around a new element! I know they are out there, the periodic table shows that there is room, but just the concept....weird..