Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sandy Damages Shuttle

From AP via Xnewsman comes news that shuttle Enterprise, the first shuttle that started the shuttle program, now being shown at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City, sustained minor damage to the tail structure during hurricane Sandy.

The shuttle sustained minor damage to its vertical stabilizer, or tail when a small piece of foam came off, was confirmed by a museum spokesman.

As you may remember, the Enterprise was used for atmospheric drop tests  in 1977, four years before the first shuttle launch. It was never designed for space travel. 


Horacio said...

That's what happens when you put a billion $ machine in a stupid bubble. Houston should of gotten that shuttle, we know how to take care of such things. Stupid NASA...

Beam Me Up said...

Horacio, I like the idea of some sort of air and space museum getting one of the shuttles, but I am not sure why Huston didn't. All you have to do is see what happened to the Saturn to know that NASA hates like hell to shell out for any kind of museum, not saying they don't, cause they do, but it is so hit and the rocks but anything related to getting them there was left pretty much to rot. Watch what happens to 39b all over again now that it isn't getting top billing as the preferred launch station. For that matter did you see photos before they decided to launch shuttles from there? It was horrifying! But I have drifted way off subject... could the lack of a shuttle be a political nose thumbing because of the Johnson admin. demands for a control center in Huston?

kallamis said...

Actually, I believe a place is being prepared for the shuttle to go inside.
I wrote back on June 22 of this year that they had placed her there until they have a place in a museum extension being built.
Here's a link to all of that starting at the blog that will take you to more information.

Frack these have been a busy few weeks. I will get caught up with this blog here at some point.

Beam Me Up said...

Damn, I forgot all about that post Kall, sorry. The irony is that NASA is demanding a fully weather controlled storage place and for years Saturn rotted out of doors. For all intents and purposes it was beyond repair. Thankfully there were some very dedicated people who disagreed!