Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey pssssssst Wanna Go To Mars?

Hey, I am serious here!  Have a yen to tread the red?  Sure you do!  Well SpaceX has some good news for you!

Yep, THAT SpaceX!  They are making room for you and about 80K of your best friends, so start saving your pennies now.  How much you ask?  Well I think the asking price is pretty damn reasonable.   Only 500k!  Of course that is the up side.  The down side is its a one way trip! 

Yes, SpaceX wants you to invest 500,000 to become a colonist on Mars.  All of this is contingent on a reusable craft that will land and take off again.  

Here is the complete article along with a cool vid to show what SpaceX is up to at this point and some of their plancs 


Rick said...

Well, sure $500,000.00 is a good price for a 1 time recluse that would be the ULTIMATE recluse, haha you have to go ALL THE WAY to mars to get away from humans. But, on the OTHER side, Damn no way home and your stuck on mars, what if something goes wrong .. then your dead.

Beam Me Up said...

What if? it is more of a when. Hey this is just a modern day Mayflower. Someone is getting rich and the colonists are on their own.

kallamis said...

If I'd hit the lottery, I might do it after the animals were all gone. Hell, I probably would do it then. GF even brought it up to me.
Hey, someones got to do it, and I've always wanted to get off this planet. I think if I would hit the big powerball. I would contact him about this.
It would just be too good to pass up. Even with the risk, I'd have to try it.
And hey, if nothing else, I'd have my radio show then. Or video show depending on what we could do.
Oh hell, lets be honest. You all know I'd be out of here in heart beat.

Beam Me Up said...

oh hell yess, you have made it painfully clear that you want out of the Animal Farm... But you know, someone needs to ride rough shod on the decision makers! Some one needs to be there callin BS on the fools around us....lol