Friday, November 16, 2012

Iron Man Tech that never Made it to the Screen

I knI know there are often many many ideas for movie characters that never make it past the concept stages. 

For those of us that are Tony Stark / Iron Man fans, what could have been is really interesting!  If you have ever watched the older animated series, Tony had a really fancy car and a host of additional tech and weaponry secreted around his iconic suit. 

Check out the Blastr site for more


Rick G. said...

u know thats true & I wish they would show those "deleted" scenes or at least make a show just about the "deleted" scenes, that would b awesome !

Beam Me Up said...

Rick, I get the impression that this was stuff WELL before filming began on Iron Man. As for deleted scenes, the blue-ray contains some of that, but I suspect that is not what you were after.