Thursday, August 05, 2010

Up & Inception trailer mashup called *sic* Upception

From the pages of Gizmodo via Kim Komando comes a very clever mashup of the sci fi thriller Inception and the animated family movie Up. In this "Trailer" called with tongue firmly in cheek, Upception, are graphics that all originated from "Up" but the voices and sound track are from the trailer for "Inception". The end product is a well timed and brilliantly edited fake trailer that if you didn't know any better, could be taken for the real deal. Great fun and very funny in retrospect!


Anonymous said...

That is superb.

Beam Me Up said...

Anon then you have to see the cut from Pulp Fiction done with Micky and Donald voices! When Jackson does that "with great vengence" speech in donald duck...OMG I lost control of my bladder....oh wait...that happens anyway....crap