Monday, August 16, 2010

Space Net to clean up Space Junk

Remember we talked about the space balloons that would send space junk burning up in the atmosphere? Well it got people thinking and here is DARPA's answer to the thousands of pieces of space junk in orbit.....a space net!

According to the Gizmodo article:
  • The Electrodynamic Debris Eliminator, or EDDE, would be a spacecraft with 200 nets attached to it, allowing it to gather up any errant satellites. It could then either send them into the South Pacific, angle them to burn up on reentry or even recycle the materials right there in space for use in constructing future space stations or satellites.
Recycling...there is a rich one....wana guess who put a goodly amount of that junk up there? Oh and ok, I got a come NASA all of a sudden has to be the free garbage man here? aaaaaaaanyway, test flight are set for 2013 and if all goes well deployment by 2017.


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