Sunday, August 29, 2010

Colin Davies' brings us up to speed on new works!

Colin wants to let his readers know that he will again be gracing our podcast very soon indeed! The new five part series (another Pestworld story!) that has already been sent to CrystalWizard at Cyber Studios Online and we will premiere them as soon as they are ready. Just to give you a Colin p. Davies fix, here is a list of his newest releases. Look for them!

I have a few new stories appearing soon:

  • Henry Jumps a Shark (Bewildering Stories, September), my take on where reality TV may go.
  • The Booby-Trapped Boy (M Brane SF, September), set on Mars and in the same 'universe' as The Certainty Principle, Good and Faithful Servant and Dolls.
  • Stippleback (Jupiter Magazine, Autumn), one of my few alien stories.
  • Land of Fire and Ashes (Abyss and Apex, 2011), a man tormented by fire.
  • Talking of Dolls, this is about to reappear in The Immersion Book of SF (Imminently)

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