Monday, August 16, 2010

How Patrick Stewart would never be Enterprise's captain

Shocking enough statement for you? Or confusing? Well I really wanted to peak your interest in what some of us have guessed in part, that Sir Patrick was not all that comfortable with his role as J.L. Picard.

In a recent article on, Stewart said about his casting as captain:
  • Why would they cast a middle-aged bald English Shakespearean actor in this iconic role as captain of the Enterprise? It made no sense. But I guess Gene Roddenberry had some sort of instinct for it...
Nothing, in fact, could have been further from the truth. ST-TNG producer Robert Justman had heard Stewart doing a reading of Shakespeare and instantly knew that this was the man to helm the next Enterprise. However after speaking with Stewart, Roddenberry was very much NOT in favor of using him. In fact he is quoted as saying "I won't have him". Justman knew that the more he pushed the more Gene would dig in his heels. Instead he waited until Roddenberry had seen all the other prospects (Gene was looking for a masculine Frenchman with a full head of hair) finally capitulated.

But it makes you think. On person sure it was insane and the other totally against the casting and still we have one of the most iconic captains of all the Star Trek captains.

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