Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: No Ordinary Family pilot

I just got a chance to watch the pilot of ABC's new show No Ordinary Family staring of all people Michael Chiklis of The Shield and Julie Benz.

The premise is the average American family of four, so dysfunctional its difficult to see where the family really starts and stops. Two disconnected adults and two self adsorbed teens. The mother is an over achieving research scientist, the dad is a failed artist now police sketch artist, the teens, a boy failing in school and a girl failing in relationships.

The dad in an effort to reconnect the family takes everyone on a junket to Brazil where their plane crashes in a jungle river. That's when the weirdness starts. We basically have a Fantastic Four & X-Men mash-up. I won't bore with the details, you've seen all the powers before, nothing nrew here...could have and shout have winds up to be isn't and ain't happening.

But the series has some potential. It's not over the top or campy...but then neither was the tv version of the Hulk. I will give it a watch and with only one show to base it on... a reserved thumbs up. Series premieres Tuesday September 28 8|7c

No Ordinary Family abc page

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