Sunday, August 08, 2010

Abandoned /Towers Magazine Is Changing.

Abandoned /Towers Magazine print issues are changing is the word I get from Cyberwizard Productions.

The release states:
  • Effective immediately, the print schedule is changing from three times a year to once a year.
  • The Nov. 2010 issue of Abandoned Towers Print will be the last of the 3x per year issues. Going forward the yearly print issue will be released each summer and be fairly thick, packed with plenty of high quality written content, exceptional artwork and various surprises.
  • Anyone who is subscribed to our print issues lose nothing, since we sell number of issues subscriptions....
  • Also effective immediately we will no longer be selling subscriptions to the print issues.
A variety of reasons are at play here but the most pressing is the workforce at Abandoned Towers is finding themselves spread way to thin.

For more info and to check out the new site go to

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