Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Requiem from the Darkness (100 stories)

For the past several weeks, the SyFy channel has been running "Requiem from the Darkness" also known as "100 Stories) as part of its' Monday night anime block.

Requiem is about a young writer in feudal japan, wants to write a book of 100 ghost stories. To do this, he must travel across Japan in search of in search of myths and legends that are the basis of many of the stories he has read.

In his travels, the writer comes in contact with three very strange individuals. Every time he is joined by or is traveling with this group, odd and strange things take place. During the story arc he discovers that they may not be entirely human and in fact might not even belong to the real world. The three it seems is tasked with finding the root of many of these strange occurrences and send those responsible "to the other world".

The series is one season with a 13 episode story arc.

I watched the whole series and I have to say it is one of the best anime series I have seen. The plot line is good, the artwork is above average if a bit minimalistic and the English dub seems to be dead on. Even though not science fiction, the series is a must for anime fans. This series and other longer episodes are available at outlets like amazon.

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