Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do WHAT? Ray Bradbury?

Like I have said before, there aren't many videos or stories that I have reservations on posting. Well I just came across a music video on YouTube by Rachel Bloom. It has reasonable production value and the music is well performed and recorded. Plus it has a strong science fiction element....so to speak. Mz Bloom's song professes a rather strong attraction to one of the giants of science fiction, Ray Bradbury. In the video you will find the musical version of "lets get to know each other better"

It's quite funny, but I really can not in good conscience post anything more than the youtube link here.

The beat is infectious and the production funny. Enjoy.


Dorn said...

Too Funny. Hottie Geek...always a winner in my book!

Beam Me Up said...

You are a sick sick man Dorn....but then you are in good company! I hear that a lot of these barbs at Bradbury stem from his comments concerning the internet. What have you heard?


Dorn said...

You know, I wasn't sure if it was the bizarre ramblings of an aging man, or if he was being ironically belligerent. We tolerate much worse insanity from influential folks (ahem Tom Cruise!) I'll cut the man some slack.

Beam Me Up said...

Bradbury? Oh yes...he gets a pass...Tom on the other hand makes it way to easy!