Sunday, January 06, 2013

BMU # 347 Online!

In the first episode in 2013 - 347 - I open with the theme music from the award winning anime feature film "The Girl Who Lept Through Time" After which I review the film.

 From there I have several peices from Earth Sky which are facinating from asteroid impacts to Milky Way as a barred galaxy!

Next it is two new questions in the Star Trek Trivia segment.  This week I again test your knowledge of Captain Kirk.

 From there I head over to be Beam Me Up Blog Nasa is thinking of giving the moon its' own moon for astronauts a place to work and practice on. Hey, how do you know the Earth is Round huh? Check out this explaination of a few ideas. Astronomers have found a "baby" planet. Russia is still working on a Moon capable craft. The ISS is getting LEDs not just for power saving but for crew health!

 Then it is time for David Scholes' story Equalization.

Episode 347

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