Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Texas Gets a BiblioTech

No it is not some high tech baby bib but a very special library - a bookless library.   

By the fall of 2013,  San Antonio's Bexar County library will be the country's first book-less public library.  Well, paper books that is - the library or biblioTech will contain only e-books.  

The 4,989 square-foot space will be given over to rows of computer terminals, with which the library will augment with 100 e-readers for onsite and outside rentals.  The plan then is to provide 50 e-readers for children, 50 computer stations, 25 laptops and 25 tablets on site.

 Bexar County is still waffling on who will provide the e-readers and associated equipment.  

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