Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Pentagon's Possible Stealth UFO Cargo Craft?

Am I wrong or is this the Skunkwrks version of the zombie project?  It seems I have seen this or something damn similar thought up, brought up, shut down, thrown out - before.  from people carriers to who knows what.....but anyway, here it is again, for the first time.

What we have here is craft developed by Aeroscraft for the "Pentagon".  The Pelican is a 230-foot-long prototype airship designed to lift up to 10 tons of cargo, using a fraction of the fuel used by an airplane.  Oh and it just "happens" to look like a UFO.....  The Pentagon also feels the craft would be very good for use in surveillance and reconnaissance. (reeeeeeeeeeally....ha.....no kidding)

Pelican is for the most part proof of concept and the find craft would be 450-feet long and have the ability to carry up to 66 tons of cargo, possibly of far greater distances.  

Check out the layout on Areoscraft HERE

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