Monday, March 19, 2012

Beam Me Up episode 305 now online

Ok, Saturday’s show is a clear example of what happens when Paul lets things get away from him! Yep, I had said that I would run Final Exam starting earlier in March. For some reason I confused that with Keith Latch’s “One Law”. What does that mean to you? Other than you get almost 45 minutes of story time this week!

To get the toes tappin I play a live cut of Mr. Spaceman by the Byrds.

In the first story, part one of “Final Exam” by Ed McKeown. A YA short story that really will appeal to all ages. In Final Exam, the fate of mankind may really have fallen to a group of intrepid high school students. All they needed to do was pass.....the test....The Final Exam.

I close episode 305 with the conclusion to Keith Latch’s “1 Law” We have learned so far that there is only one true law - You will NOT edit time. There isn’t any defense and punishment is swift and final. Part two put our enforcer Carson in one of his strangest jobs yet. One where the very mission itself may end his existence!

Between the stories I review the movie “In Time”, where the “currency of the realm” is time itself. Is the movie worth the “Time” it takes to watch it? Listen and find out....

Direct link to episode 305 here

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