Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun With LEDs

I know...not science or ...well wait it IS kinda find so much fun stuff on the Hack A Day anyway, if you are facinated with LEDs like I am than you're going to love this piece from as he disassembles an LED home bulb. Todd it seems ran into the exact same thing that I think any of us that jumped on the LED bandwagon only to find that many of the early producers shoved whatever they could into whatever they could and called it good enough. Far from the 5000 hours, you were lucky if you got a couple of week! But these bulbs were treasure troves of LEDs and various hardware.

So, this is like the everyman's teardown. If you are a tech, you will find some of the video tedious, but the attention to detail that Todd gives us makes up for it.

So, here is another of my fascinations, electronics...and I think LEDs rule! I hope you find this as much fun as I did 

The ToddFun site can be found here


Anonymous said...

If you like LEDs, check out OLEDs
Organic Light Emitting Diodes.

They're in the Samsung Galaxy, Nokia and HTC products

Beam Me Up said...

oh I know Anonymous, but from a hobbyist point of view the equipment is not horribly friendly. But you have to understand that I have not adopted SMT either. Proto and breakout boards are my speed.