Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New ResearchQuestions Moon Origin

Our Moon is a highly unusual object in the Solar system. One of the things that make the Moon really different is its size. According to the Wiki, It is the largest natural satellite of a planet in the Solar System relative to the size of its primary, plus is is the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System.

The most accepted theory on the Moon's formation some 4.5 billion years ago was that of a rogue planet delivering a glancing blow to Earth. One that stripped Earth of much of its crust and destroying the rogue in the process. This material stream coalesced in Earth orbit with the majority forming the moon. This is called the impact theory.

New research from scientists at the University of Chicago, suggests that the impact hypothes might be wrong! They came to this conclusion by comparing elements from the Earth and Moon. Chemical analysis shows that these elements are for all intents and purposes identical. No evidence what so ever of the presence of another body that would have contributed material to the formation of Earth's satellite.

Of course you deal with one problem and several more creep up. It is easy for the Moon to resemble the chemical makeup of Earth's crust. Up to about half way to Earth's center there would be little difference. It is only after you pass this half way point that the chemical nature of the rocks changes drastically due to raising pressures and temperatures. The Earth due to its mass has no trouble at all maintaining these extreme temperatures and pressures. However the moon, being FAR smaller, could never sustain a high temperature core. Strangely enough at some point in it's early life it did just exactly that!

Read the Daily Galaxy article that is linked in the title and below

Daily Galaxy article 
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kallamis said...

I'm back again, and just so I can throw a wack-a-doodle in here, maybe it was towed into place by others that had plans for this earth. Like a multi-racial prison planet for those sapien type species that wouldn't behave. They captured, devolved and put them here to give the species a second chance at life in the universe, instead of simply wiping us all out.
Or, they towed it into place in order to enable our planet to continually support life, for their other experiments.
Just a couple wack-a-doodle ideas there to play with for someone. Where the aliens really here, you betcha. Did they tow a moon into place like the great Doctor can, I doubt it. But it sure is fun to think about.

Beam Me Up said...

and you dont write Kallamis?

kallamis said...

Actually, I am working on a fantasy novel right now. Fantasy and sci-fi combined that is. Once i get everything loaded back in the comp again. Sticks and disks every where still. And yeah, if I ever get it done, and get it published, there'll be a copy sent.

Beam Me Up said...

well there is always promo too. When it is ready to go out let me know so the info can be put up as a note on the blog and as a note on the radio program.