Friday, March 09, 2012

Were There Black Holes Before the Big Bang?

I have long held the opinion that space and time are flip sides of the same coin space/ and time are both held in equilibrium by the density of mass or mass/density. They are all facets of the same thing. Mass curves space. All of the mass, curves all the space back on to itself, meaning all the space encompasses all the mass. This structure then has to include all of time as "space/time". But more importantly the higher the mass density, the slower the time passes - with the inverse also true.

So what the hell am I getting at? Well the way I understand space/time/mass is that there can not be anything "outside" or "before" because all the mass contains all the space/time. In other works there is no "space" and no "time" outside the curve of space time because all the mass has curved it back onto itself. A mobius of space / time if you will.

So when cosmologists from Canada's Dalhousie University and Queen Mary University in London, theorized that some primordial black holes might have existed before the big bang, having been created in the Big Crunch. Which puts the Universe on a cyclic time line. Meaning that the Big Bang was not a single event, but one that occurs over and over again as the Universe crunches down to a single point, then expands again.

Well this is rather inconvenient. I grew up thinking that the universe was either expanding or contracting and would do so forever. Then the dark time when the Universe showed an ever increasing expansion that would continue forever slowly cooling and darking the Universe leaving a dark emptiness.

Now it would seem that a expansion/compression Universe in a possibility again. And more, that structures can exist outside of the big crunch / bang. (my head hurts)

Now cosmologists theorize that black holes of a certain mass could avoid the crush of the big crunch and survive as separate entities. The masses of these black holes would have to be small, with the upper limit being equal to the mass of our sun.

From the article:
  • The theory is based on  the Earth, and the rest of the known Universe occasionally (being) bombarded with unexplained bursts of gamma rays -- something that could, (possibly) be the result of primordial black holes running out of energy and disintegrating.  (some scientists are calling this effect evaporation of the singularity, which should result in massive bursts of gamma radiation.  ed)
The "primordial" black holes are fundamentally different from black holes that were created later.  Regular black holes today are created by the collapse / supernova of super-massive stars.   The primordial black holes were possibly created by the crunch of the universe.   One problem is that post big bang also created primordial black holes.  

From the article:
  • A key problem they agree on is that it would likely be impossible to tell the difference between pre- and post Big Bang primordial black holes.

Daily Galaxy article here

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