Sunday, March 25, 2012

And Now For the Paranoids Among Us......

My computer was slowing a bit so I did some clean - up which usually at the end requires a reboot. Well this time, for a split second I swear I saw a purple page with a square with a unhappy smiley face on it and I swear, the words to the effect of "He's Dead Jim!" Well the paranoid in me was suspicious now so I began to watch the computer when it reset...and there it was again! Well for me it is straight to the web, and find out if this had happened to anyone else...Come to find out it did! Come to find out, what I saw was indeed a real result of a Chrome!

Here is the down-low:

  • The fun play of the Google Chrome team never ends. Their latest adventure is on the sad tab, the page you see when a tab crashes. ”He’s dead, Jim!” is a catchphrase used by Leonard H. McCoy, a character from Star Trek.
  • The message continues: “Something caused this page to be killed , either because the operating system ran out of memory, or for some other reason. To continue, press Reload or go to another page.”
Ha!  Now that is just plain funny!


BobW said...

Flashplayer constantly crashes while playing Zynga games giving this message.

Beam Me Up said...

Bob, where did you run into it? I am not much of a game player online or otherwise.

And you definitely get the purple page of He's dead Jim!