Thursday, June 19, 2008

Charlie Jade after 2 gets sent to the minors....

Remember when I said that the Sci-Fi channel may be on the road to recovery? New shows coming on line with good time slots, stupid one sucking wind and circling the drain? There was hope remember with the advent of shows like Charlie Jade on Friday nights? Well guess what Friday nights doesn't have anymore....oh yeah.

From IO9: The Sci Fi Channel has decided its airings of the South African/Canadian Charlie Jade have been underperforming in the Friday 8 PM slot, before Doctor Who. So they're moving him to the Monday 3 AM slot instead, where he can safely compete with Golden Girls reruns. Because, of course, the Sci Fi Channel has so much great stuff to air during its precious prime time hours.

Wow, Sci-fi is back on daylight mental time for sure. It was bad enough when they were pasting Ghost-Hunter logos all over the screen during Battle-Star Galactica - now all you hear about is Scare Tactics. Everyone is asking what's wrong with Sci-fi......easy - new shipment of crack.

Richard over at Pop Critics had me gasping with this slice: I’m not going to take this opportunity to bash Ghost Hunters. If you enjoy watching retards chase moths and fluttering leaves, that’s fine by me. I am going to bash the SciFi promotions department for failing to advertise or promote Charlie Jade in any way. How many ads for Charlie Jade do you suppose SciFi showed during episodes of top-rated Ghost Hunters?

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