Sunday, June 01, 2008

Moonlight Fans Look to Sci Fi

You know I have been raving about how schizophrenic programming is over at the Sci-Fi channel. Seems Mark Wilson of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy blog has many of the same opinions, in a round about kind of way, as he was describing interest the Sci-Fi channel might have in Moonlight. He said:

Die-hard fans of CBS's canceled vampire detective drama, Moonlight, are turning their attention to the Sci Fi Channel, which may be considering the possibility of thinking about maybe picking up the show. Or not.

Ahhhhh classic! Sci-Fi has take vacillation to an artform level. But in this strangeness lies a core of truth. Harry Werksman, who is one of the show's writers and executive producers, told Moonlight fans recently that "talks" are under way for season 2, and that if the show were picked up by Sci Fi. But other than that - there is little else to lift from the article.

UPDATE: Mark Wilson now states on his blog that SCI-FI is more interesting in original programming (what a crock - can you say Flash? I knew that you could ... pac ) and will give Moonlight a pass. As Mark reports, Sci-Fi reps said "We do get a lot of requests to pick up canceled genre shows such as Surface, Jericho, The 4400, etc.," "However, we remain focused on our own slate of new original programs in various stages of production and development." As Mark also points out: It's worth remembering that Sci Fi has the Stargate franchise because it picked it up from Showtime. Sci Fi also picked up Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Sliders for new original episodes. So, there you go ... I don't even have to make things up, Sci-Fi continues to step on their own collective d..ks

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