Friday, June 06, 2008

Review: Charlie Jade - Fridays at 8 on Sci-fi

Oh my, I might find myself in a very uncomfortable position! One that would force me to say that the Sci-fi channel may have done something right.

The Wikipedia describes Charlie Jade as a science fiction television program filmed mainly in Cape Town South Africa. It stars Jeffrey Pierce in the title role, as a detective who finds himself trapped in a parallel universe. The show started in 2004 and was aired on the Canadian Space Channel. It premiered on the Space Channel April 16 2005 (which show us all just how the "original programming" bs line that programming big wigs at the Sci-fi channel tried to force down our collective throats when asked why they would not consider adding Moonlight to the schedule)

Politics aside, I had a chance to check out the premiere of Charlie Jade. The show starts off in a truly Bladerunnerish dystopia right down to a rough edged, worn out detective. Weirdness soon begins when Jade is run over by a train that really isn't there. Jade suffers from "visions" of things that can not or have never exsisted. In the mix we have an evil all powerful corporate entity that would appear hell bent on an experiment that reminded me of the 60s "Time Tunnel" I won't ruin it for those who have not caught the program yet, but it would seem that Jade's visions are more than they seem and in the end Charlie may have been thrown into another parallel universe due to a failed experiment. The program is good enough that I am gong to look for the next installment Friday's at 8 on the Sci-fi channel.

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