Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hollywood to redo Capricorn 1

During the 60s I was wildly interested in the space program. I never quite "got" Sputnik, but by the time Mercury / Redstone flew, I was up and running. I lived for Apollo right to the end. So when the movie Capricorn 1 came out I really felt betrayed by the movies. You know... How could they get it all so wrong? This is so stupid! That kind of thing. I just could not fathom the entertainment value is something I perceived as mean spirited. So when I see that director John Moore and writer Peter Buchman are seriously thinking that it's time for a remake, I am again well, floored! I couldn't think of a worse timed movie remake either. NASA is basically on a role, oh and I am not so naive to think that NASA can not rise above bad movies, but if I were a serious producer I would want to jump on the bandwagon with with something upbeat...I don't know. Oh but I do know, right off the bat, this won't be one of the movies on my list, whenever it comes out! lol

Read IO9's take on the redux

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