Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dreams With Sharp Teeth

In Andrew O'Hehir's blog Beyond The Multiplex there is a really fascinating interview with writer Harlan Ellison. The main topic of which is Eric Nelson's new film Dreams With Sharp Teeth, a film about Ellison that just premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Andrew sat down with Ellison in Austin the day after the film's premiere. He described him "as unfailingly gracious and polite, answering the awkward questions about his relative obscurity and his relationship to posterity alongside the softballs." However O'Hehir mentions that Ellison often managed to twist the interview around to such a degree that Andrew was often finding himself answering personal questions about himself.

The post transcribes much of the interview but also links to an audio of the interview itself.

Harlan Ellison interview in Beyond the Multiplex

Dream with Sharp Teeth trailer

Thanks to Nelson Cole for the post

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