Sunday, June 08, 2008

'Green' website tells when you should die!

Calculator reveals when your share of Earth's resources fully consumed!

Oh brave new world huh? I can see a Logan's Runerish type of story here! Shaun sends in this piece that I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a movie idea here as well! Here are the details from the World Net Daily site.

The Australian Broadcasting Company has created a "green" website that tells you when you should die, based on your usage of Earth's resources. The PlanetSlayer site, (is described as) the "first irreverent environmental website," includes "Professor Schpinkee's greenhouse calculator," which tells a user when he or she should die, based on their lifestyle and consumption of resources. The user goes through a series of questions about how much one drives, is the vehicle fuel efficient, (plus) how many miles the person flew. Those responses are added to answers to questions about the size of your home, how many people live there, how big the utility bills are and does any of the energy come from a renewable resource. Then you click on a skull-and-crossbones button to find out that you should die at 23.4 years, or 9.3, or 5.2, depending on your answers. With the click on the skull-and-crossbones button, a pig representing the survey-taker, explodes.

Tongue in cheekiness aside, there is a scary central idea here lets go writers! lol

planet slayer web page

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