Sunday, June 01, 2008

8 Classic Movie Robots That Actually Suck at Their Job has a riotously funny rant on movie robots that look cool but suck at what they do.
As they put it:

Basically, robots can make everything cooler, from wars to weddings. Hollywood knows this and tries, when possible, to give us what we crave in the form of kickass robots with kickass abilities.

Most of the time, though, these robots that look so cool on screen are so incompetent at their jobs, they'd have had better luck just sending a random intern to do it.

They give us wonderful examples of deus ex machina and pretty much keelhaul the robots we all though that they were so cool they had to be good at what they do. Some examples of who they trash:

Ratchet (of the Transformers)
R2-D2 (yeah, I know! lol)
Box (from Logan's Run)

and more.... click here for the complete article

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