Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yeah? uhhhh WHAT?!

Ok yeah, I science, no science fiction  but how about them bananas huh?
And the things you can read into ancient copy huh?  Ok...had my fun...

click the link in the title for the original author copy. 


kallamis said...

Not this time. I'm not saying a da,n thing. Ex-Army here. My mouth stays shut this time.

Beam Me Up said...

You are the last person whom I would have thought would call don't ask don't tell. One never knows does one.

kallamis said...

Oh no, not at all on that. Just the banana and the pie slice missing I keep my mouth shut on.
My company was a bunch of pervs and tried to sleep with everyone in the country.
31 guys and all were single but 3 of them.
3 of my men were gay, but I honestly don't know why you brought that up. I must have missed something. Considering one of the old slang terms for female you know what was pie. And he is eating the pie, and banana beside dish. Did I miss something obvious here?
Believe me, when I read that, it all came back along with the crude way we all were then, and not one comment could have actually been posted here. All would have been hilarious, but no way am I posting them on this site. A hustler site maybe, this site huh uh.