Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All Things Good and Scholes

Hey how many of you thoroughly enjoyed David Scholes story Intervention that I read on episode 320? As you may remember this story was about a pair of beings examining a field of battle that capped the end of an ancient titanic war between the godlike benevolent race called the Brell and  a loose confederacy of the agents of chaos and darkness.  

The Brell it would seem are for all intents all powerful, but it is the small set back and reversals that over the ages eventually had drastic effects on Brell to protect themselves and those they had promised protection to and eventually led to defeat. 

Now the after effects are all that were hinted at in Intervention, when the god like Brell ( which now it seems were the basis for the Norse gods legends) appear to recover a long dead hero (who may or may not have been the inspiration for Thor).

Being just hinted at in the previous story, this last great stand by a Brell hero is brought to light in Scholes' Soldier of the Brell where Intervention is expanded and filled in with the book starting with the very same cataclysmic battle of the Gods! 

Even though we had a wonderful treatment in Intervention, the beginning of Soldier brings the majesty back home to roost and that is not the best part!  That is only the beginning!  Soldier of the Brell goes on to greater heights at a pell mell pace!  Because the fabulous part of Soldier is that is is less that 100 pages which leave it in a unique position to give us a rousing read in just a few settings!

The really fun part of this book is that you get the feeling that you have heard the story and recognize the players , but I ascribed this to Scholes solid grip on the Norse mythology and plainly he can weave a wonderful tale.  Scholes indeed would be that person around an ancient cookfire that could mesmerize with the flame and the tale.  

Soldier of the Brell is almost impossible NOT to recommend.  Just because he has managed to hammer a wide vista into a smaller venue and everyone benefits! 

Ebook versions are to be found on Xlibris and Amazon. You can also get a killer paperback version on Amazon as well.  I love the cover!  But if you like your E book version...OMG they are so REASONABLE!  

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