Monday, July 09, 2012

One More Time For Hellboy

I have followed Ron Pearlman's career through movie and tv and have always been impressed by his range. Considering his unique looks he still has managed to cut out a varied list of characters, from a demon from Hell to a neanderthal to a genetically damaged romanticist. All of which points to a lively intellect and a caring personality. That was born out recently when Pearlman was approached by Make a Wish to fulfill the wishes of a six year old boy who is a massive fan of Hellboy. From the article I read that Pearlman submitted to the four hour makeup session all so he could grant the boy's wish to hang out for a day with Hellboy.

Belying his gruff exterior, Prealman demonstrates a huge heart.

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kallamis said...

What can you say. Classy guy.

Beam Me Up said...