Saturday, July 14, 2012

Doomsday Weatherman

Here a weatherman from Richmond, VA, is really going out on a limb with his hilarious forecast.

You have to figure that getting an accurate weather prediction during doomsday is a difficult proposition. Good to know that some people are professionals under any circumstances!


Homer said...

That is too freaking funny!!!! The best part is the way he holds his composure during the delivery. Classic!!!!

kallamis said...

Well, lets be honest. Considering Godzies coming from the west, and storm and volcano on the east, I'm guessing by Thursday our economy will be on the rebound.
That is one cheerful doomsday weatherman. If I ever get my shelter, I want him along.

Beam Me Up said...

lol you two take that act on the road! lol I played the audio on show Saturday case it was so funny. And the weird thing is the damn ebs kept going off all during my broadcast!!!!