Thursday, July 19, 2012

Architects still believe.

   This is another of those just interesting tidbits I came across somehow wondering around the net.
Basically it is just concepts done by architects of their ideas of future homes. The first one they showed was this photo here. It is a tornado proof home, that lowers into the ground.  The home is Kevlar coated, and raises and lowers by hydraulics. The roof locks closed to protect the home from wind, water, and debris. 
   The second one is really interesting however, as I can see interesting problems arising from living in a house that is suspended in the air from floating wings and hanging by cables. I can already hear that conversation.
Employee:   Boss, I'm going to be a bit late.
Boss:  Where are you?
Employee:  That's a damn good question.
   Check it out, you'll see what I mean.Talk about waking up in the wrong place. One night of curry and beer milkshakes, and it could really get interesting.
   There are 10 total, and each one is quite interesting. The urban tree house that uses the space above streets to build in looks interesting as well. Great idea to take up all that unused space.  And yeah, some of these I see real problems with, but they are still cool.
   They even have a concept of a housing system for the moon. 
   I could go on and on on every one, and every aspect that is good and bad of each one. Considering space,  lets see who likes what here. 
   Personally I'd be with the house in pics 15 - 16. I like my privacy and the energy savings are always better underground. Plus it is just cool to have a house built into a hill or mountain.
   Check out the houses and imagine what it would be like if they would get their butts in gear and make these available today. At prices that normal house buyers could afford I mean.
   Some of these will remind you of shows or movies I am sure. They did me. And those that didn't, I started creating my own around. 


Homer said...

I saw this article on Yahoo. There are some very, let's say, unique ideas here. The tornado proof home reminded me of the nacelles from the Enterprise. The hill house was my favorite out of the bunch.

OK, I have to ask. What the hell is a curry and beer milkshake????

Beam Me Up said...

You know, the Urban tree house is likely to happen...or they start stacking more and more roads. The start sounds good and if that was the end...fine, but you know something like this will eventually grow to 30 stories or so and you have a rats warren ala Blade Runner

kallamis said...

Curry meant just the basic curried food, like Chicken Vindaloo. And the beer milkshake, said to have been invented by Dave Lister. Too much Red Dwarf. Anyway here's a link to a recipe.
I think Red Dwarf messed up a lot of us. LOL.

kallamis said...

One thing I was thinking about the urban tree house is the new pollution problem. If they start filling up city space like that, and I agree they should, that should be the end of fossil fuel burning vehicles in cities.
Then it would be time for an old thing I wrote long ago, about why we need public electric vehicles in every city. The fold up type so as to save space. They have them already.

Beam Me Up said...

lets look at two good examples Kall. How about The Fifth Element and of course Blade runner. Now discounting the "flying cars" The urban areas have all been closed over. Now initially, the infrastructure would maintain them for lighting and ventilation, but we both know that such upkeep will be only for a few decades. As the areas slowly disintegrate the affluent move away and a less than ideal group takes over accelerating the collapse of the overall system. We have seem exactly this happen with tenements and eventually aging neighborhoods. The lower you will go in the structures the worse the ventilation, lighting etc, Blade Runner. The Fifth Element may not have been a great movie but I think it nailed the ambiance.

kallamis said...

Yeah, more than likely, that is exactly what would happen too. The bad thing is, the way the population is growing, we may be headed just that way.
I'd like to get a 15 acre place to turn into a hydroponic farm. In about 20 years I'm betting hydro food will be most of what we have to buy.
Maybe I should research this, and compare population growth with food production. Yeah, there's about a years work.
But yeah, the lighting would be first to go, and then the vent system. No doubt, it would find it's way to a blade runner concept rather quickly. Or something worse.

Phanriver said...

Well for the Curry and beer milkshake, Great Lakes Brewing CO. makes some awesome ice cream from their Xmas Ale, though that is kind of a dessert beer to begin with, slightly sweet, nutty, and spicy.
Okay I know curry and beer milkshake 2 different dishes, made me think of Great Lakes Xmas Ale and than of how talented chefs can blend most mismatched ingredients and I thought of celebrity chef Michael Symon's places Lola and Lolita and than Melt another great eatery all grilled cheese sandwiches but with ingredients that might not seem to go together but are simple divine! Oh I do so miss Cleveland....anyway city girl my favorite is definitely the last one the Terra Towers.

I like the idealist Utopian future but I know they do not generally make for a good story, no conflict. Besides more importantly just too damn unbelievable.

kallamis said...

Actually, a Utopian society is quite possible. I could create one myself with a limited amount of people. No more than 1,000 in the society to start, and that includes the children as well in that 1,000. And I'm not doing this here. This would be a whole different concept article with this.
But it simply takes the right people, and the proper set up. And yes, it could be done without Asimov's robots. But you can bet that would be one of the first things we aimed for.

Beam Me Up said...

Kall Yes, a "Utopian" society is possible, but subjective. (And you know we are talking about one that can be set in motion and not the Wiki version.) With this type of society can only hold the "dream" under the best conditions for maybe 3 generations. Even the "best" humans are still humans and humans are hierarchical. Even the most benign architect is going to be perceived as a leader eventually as more people will defer, there will be someone eventually who will covet that position. Once that happens you might have 2 generations or 2000, it will fail, because it already has failed, now it is entrenchment as more and more want what the society is perceived as having. And they don't even really need to be barbarians at the boarders but simply those that had drifted away for one reason or another and now are targets of avarice. Human nature may not be perfect, but the base structure is all but impossible to change over any period of time that we can conceive.