Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beam Me Up episode 318 is now online

For some reason the program seemed protracted, but it ran the same length. I suspect that it was the excellent stories this week. I open with Steven R. Stewart’s “Metal and Flesh” Which demonstrates a friendship that knows few if any boundaries. When one friend will go the extra mile, despite adversaries to give of him or herself. Stewart’s Metal and Flesh is truly a great experience. I close the program this week with part 2 of Edward McKeown’s There was a wild colonial boy. This week we are introduced to the antagonists of the tale. There is no question that Ed is a very eclectic writer, this story is an excellent demonstration of his talents.

For the BMU blog, I start off with a review of the dvd movie The X-files / I want to believe. I hope I account for myself with this review. Then a rave about a budget cut proposed for nasa, and a most unusual way to protest the move! Astronomers again find some of the oldest structures in the universe. And it seems the older they are the stranger they are! Finally the question floating around as are we ready for a tourist trip to the moon! How about exploitation? will any of this be possible?  Great article this week.

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