Saturday, June 30, 2012

BMU #320 now online

Another week done and it is time for BMU with episode 320. Wow be glad you didn’t try to listen live if you were close enough to the station….Bad weather was popping up all over the place! With it were the incessant weather alerts. So I ran out of time and my last story had alars in it. So if you downloaded the new episode 320, it is clean.
So I start with the conclusion to Ed McKeown’s There Was A Wild Colonial Boy. Nice finish up for this story this week. The closing story is The Intervention by David Sholes. Two aliens look for the last soldier of an ancient war, what they find is way more than they bargained for.
I review the Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds, for only the second Shippuden movie I think it came out well.
Shace Junk is going to a growing problem for future generations, but the Naval Research Lab may have a safe cure…..Tungsten dust!
Plus I once again run Star Trek Trivia!

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