Sunday, June 10, 2012

Universe's 1st Objects

Long time fan Courtney sends in this article from Yahoo News, concerning what may be the very first objects created after the big bang.

NASA's Spitzer space telescope, seen in the infrared, might be hugely massive stars or black holes, but are too distant to see individually. These object are estimated to have taken shape about 500 million years after the big bang. At this time, the first stars, galaxies and black holes began to take shape.

Though they can't be confirmed for sure, the objects seem to date from the early universe.

One thing that is also worthy of a thought is how tremendously bright these objects are to be seen at such vast distances. Alexander "Sasha" Kashlinsky of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., said in a statement "We can't yet directly rule out mysterious sources for this light that could be coming from our nearby universe, but it is now becoming increasingly likely that we are catching a glimpse of an ancient epoch."

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kallamis said...

Actually, I think they are talking about the first massive objects. And no, I am not trying to be a jerk here.
It's just the the first objects created after the big bang, would have been microscopic to nano size particles of matter and energy. And if you consider time to be a thing, then time itself would have started with the big bang, and would have actually started at a frame so small before the bang that it is incomprehensible to even try measuring it.
However, bringing time into this, also means that they could be right, in a fashion.
Time at the beginning may not be like the time we have now, whether you follow the two dimensional time theory or not. Time may have moved a lot faster in the beginning, and there may not have been a speed limit yet, not for light, or matter.
Lets say that that theory is correct. We'll stick with just one here for the moment, the faster moving of time at the beginning.
In that respect, a sun or planet could have taken what is now considered to be only a day to form. And in today's time rate, it would have seemed so, even though it took it as long to actually happen as it does now.
Millions of years could have passed in what would now be considered a few moments in time.
Actually, the radiation band we detect at the edge of our visual range of the universe, could be millions or hundreds of million LY's thick, containing it's own worlds and life in a universe of physics we have no understanding of. Or just plain radiation and matter.
So in truth, that band, or what is in it, providing that the theory of what it is is correct, would contain the first things created in the universe.
Monday morning ramblings after a weekend of out there thinking. At least I didn't start off on a theory of energy and matter moving differently through time. Which of course would possibly bring in a third layer of time.

Beam Me Up said...

no no, excellent point! in the first few hundred milliseconds anything even large enough to qualify as a quantum particle would be a universe unto itself because it in fact would have had to be constructed of all coherent time in existence at that point. From our perspective it is only a quantum fraction, but at that point it would have been coherent since the creation and would persist until the end....Hell that's a universe in my book. as you point out, in that fraction, all of time and space played it self out. Now that leads me to ask that if this already took place within that tiny fraction, are we then echos of the original event? I am willing to bet that somewhere a Cheshire is smiling.....

kallamis said...

If a Cheshire is smiling, then I bet somewhere a time prophet is cheering.

kallamis said...

You know, if we are an echo, then that brings up a question. Can an echo willingly change direction. Or are we trapped with what has happened already.
And also, what if our entire universe was surrounded by that barrier because it is part of an atomic particle in another universe. Yeah, I micro-versed my brain before I'd ever heard of Micronauts.
You know, we can probably come up with 1000 theories here. What we need is a way to get out there.
HINT HINT to all you independent and government ship builders out there. Get on with it. Or give me the smegging cash and I'll do it myself. Just don't expect me to come back with any answers for you.

Beam Me Up said...

hummmmmmmm that means something....but really a time prophet from what perspective. If a universe contains all the mass for all the time then isn't the first quantum event the first true universe? All the mass for all the time it exists....That it drops to a lower energy state doesn't have to apply, but is much as it is happening now. Lower energy and colder as there is less hydrogen to make stars out of. Who is to say what comes after that? Will the black holes evaporate? Will quantum waves cancel each out out and tear a hole to a higher energy universe? humm.

Beam Me Up said...

yeah yeah, I want my smeggin too! As for an echo changing direction willing or otherwise.... If we want to go all existential here How would a shadow know it WAS a shadow huuuum?