Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beam Me Up episode 317 is now online

I speak for a moment about the loss of Author Ray Bradbury. Then we travel over to New Arden and it’s very special detective. In Plain Sight by Jason Kahn.

From the blog, new battery tech that talks about new battery tech that may allow three as much power through the battery with less material. Earth/ Sky has an article on asteroids that have the potential to do great harm to the Earth. The amount of these asteroids will astound and frightening. Nelson from New Farmer Films then joins us for an excellent review of the movie “the Avengers.

Finally I once again tap Ed McKeown for a great story. He certainly delivers well as is born out in part one of his story “There was a wild colonial boy” I will hazard a guess that this too is a great story.


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