Wednesday, June 06, 2012

RIP: Ray Bradbury passes at 91

Don Smith sends in this article.
  • Ray Bradbury died in Los Angeles, California, on June 5, 2012. He was 91. 
  • I remember his writings well, as Bradbury, Clark, and Asimov sent a lot of us down roads we may never have looked down without them. One thing of interest to note, is that this great author of speculate and science fiction never got a drivers license. Apparently he saw a horrific crash when he was young. 
  • Even trying to start with any book or story written by him would lead to a list that could not be put on here. For me I guess it would be The Martian Chronicles, and Fahrenheit 451 that come to mind first. 
  • But he was involved in so many screen plays, and adaptions that to pick a true favorite is almost impossible there. 
  • He will be greatly missed by the sci-fi community and the world is just a bit lonelier now.
Don     I do not even in my wildest imagination think I could do a better job.  Or encapsulate my appreciation for the enjoyment Bradbury has brought me over the years.   Yes he most certainly will be missed and the science fiction/fantasy fields are so much worse for the absence.   

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Beam Me Up said...

I hate to go down this road Don But we have witnessed the passing of the last vestige of the golden age of science fiction. Not what we have now and what is coming is not exemplary, it is just thought provoking when an icon is now gone forevermore.

Dave Tackett said...

It is a sad day, but one that is mitigated by the knowledge that his great body of work will always be there, waiting to transport us to countless worlds. Ray Bradbury may have passed away, but his work will live on - and it's a safe bet that there will be many more adaptions in our lifetimes.

I'll be re-listening to the classic X Minus One and Dimension X adaptions of several of his short stories over the next few days.

Beam Me Up said...

well put Dave....well put