Wednesday, June 27, 2012

7 Minutes of Terror: The Mars Curiosity Landing

They call it 7 minutes of terror, the time it will take the Mars Curiosity Rover to travel from the top of Mars' atmosphere to landing on the planet's surface. As one speaker points out, it will take 14 minutes for the signal to reach Earth, so when they first get confirmation that the rover has encountered Mars' atmosphere it will either be alive or dead, for seven minutes on Mars.

To drive that fact home, they have produced a short video of the landing sequence, which I am sure most of us are familiar with, but in a most entertaining manner. I think you will be entertained, I know I was!

Curosity is due to touch down 10:31-pm pdt August 5 2012 1:30-am on August 6th eastern daylight time.

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