Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gifts for us

   Just thought I'd post this, so that everyone out there can point out this site to whom they need to.
   It's the store at Space.com. A great site for space science, NASA news, and a pretty decent gift store.  They carry things like the mission patches, shuttle mission pins, models, and even some sci-fi stuff as well.  Star trek pizza cutter, Han Solo in carbonite ice cube trays, etc. 
   Basically just a place for some cool gifts that some of you may find a hard time finding elsewhere. Especially some of the space stuff.
   I'm sure there may be better sites, but since I am on this one a lot, and this is the first day I wandered into their store, I thought I'd bring it up. 
   I thought it was cool. But then, I'm the guy looking to build a blue London police call box to use as my front door if I can ever build an underground or an into the hill type house.



kallamis said...

And just as a side comment, saw an article titles How do you kill a Victorian Era Vampire? I have the simplest, and most accurate answer to that question.
Let Hollywood make a movie about him.

Beam Me Up said...

aha! it's funny because it's true! what a country!