Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First look at L-M's Orion capsule

Here is a sneak peek of Lockheed Martin's Orion capsule. You may be wondering, WTF! they cut the funding for a moon return so why is this still being built. Well, according to Dvice blog - it's good for lots of other stuff, (like) ISS transport flights. You can plainly see the Apollo influence here. It sure does look like a Control Module on steroids don't it? But the thing to remember is that this thing can crew twice the capacity of an Apollo's 3. A couple of things that Dvice mentions that are a vast improvement over the Apollo craft is: (1) it's got a glass cockpit based on the one in the Boeing 787, and (2) "improved waste-management facilities" Now if that isn't a sign of an aging space effort when your biggest concerns are glasses and taking a dump....sigh....

Read more here in the Dvice article

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