Thursday, March 31, 2011

FTL Possible With Negative Energy?

Well we have seen talks and articles on a manifold approach to FTL. One system we heard of last summer was a way for a ship to warp space ahead and behind it and be "pushed" along. This demonstration works on a similar system of expansion and contraction, but with a twist of a thing called negative energy. Check it out. From Boing Boing


JoshM said...

I love these scientific proposals for hypothetical FTL technology. Somehow the fact that scientists continue to work on something that all known science strongly suggests isn't actually possible ... I think I just love the unbridled optimism of it all.

Beam Me Up said...

You always have such an interesting way of spinning things. With his paper appliques and condom space time, I missed the whimsey, thinking cheap when I should have thought cheeky. Bravo for vote of unbridled enthusiasm!


JoshM said...

There's a line in his book, "The Physics of Star Trek" -- I don't remember exactly how he put it, but the gist was that it seems to be a generally accepted universal law that anything that isn't flat-out impossible is bound to happen eventually. This in the midst of demonstrating how pretty much everything we see in Star Trek is pretty darn close to impossible.

Just not flat-out impossible.

Anonymous said...

I myself have always believed that if someone can think it, someone can make it. I like to think that anything is possible, even though it may be improbable.