Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DAWN readying for July arrival at Vesta

Science Digest blog reports some of the details NASA's DAWN space craft as it starts to power up after fix months of inactivity. DAWN fired up instruments last week and the framing camera this week. All this activity is practice for the July arrival at Vesta.

According to the Science Daily article:
  • In the months to come, the camera system will provide images needed to navigate the spacecraft to its rendezvous with Vesta, and will begin to image the asteroid's surface. These early images on approach will be the start of a campaign to systematically map Vesta's surface in detail and will provide tantalizing clues as to its mineralogical composition.
Read complete SD article here

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Dave Tackett said...

This should be quite interesting. Although, I am more interested in the second half of the DAWN mission (Ceres), the close up look at this massive asteroid should be interesting, though not as interesting as the early Asimov story, "Marooned Off Vesta."