Thursday, March 03, 2011

Blade Runner prequel?

I am reading on the IO9 blog news that suggests that there is a new Blade Runner movie in the wind. Yeah! I know! That was my first reaction.

But according to IO9, Alcon Entertainment Warner Bros-based financing and production company ) and Bud Yorkin are in "final negotiations" to secure the rights to the film.

But the weird thing is that the rights would be all inclusive EXCEPT to remake the film, so no reboot....prequel or sequel is what seems to be on the table.

Read the press release that IO9 posted to see the convolutions...or C...F... if you would


Anonymous said...

I have wanted to see how the androdis were treated for a long time. there are hints and a lot can be done to show there side of the story.

Beam Me Up said...

Ok Anon, so we are down for a prequel then? I could go with that. I just keep getting a nasty feeling that any movie made might be more of an independent time line than anything. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep was suppose to be a stand alone slice of time. As too often the case film makers returning to a tried and true theme do nothing to improve it. To be honest, I would like to know more of the Nexus. However I think we were given enough of a glimpse with the final encounter with "Roy". I know one thing for sure...I am totally not interested in Deckart's status what so ever. Let that dog lay.