Sunday, March 20, 2011

Does the M in M-Theory Stand for Mental?

When i was ever so much younger, one of the meanest things a sib could insult you with was calling you mental. And not in a good way, because you were either being called a person of diminished capacity or just plain strange. Which in a slightly less PC manner brings me around to an article in Dvice concerning the LHC and time travel across the fifth dimension with help from dimensions six through possibly eleven according to one specific "theory of everything" called M-theory. Hence my response oh that has to stand for "mental"! So how does the LHC tie into this? Well it seems that scientists are looking for a Higgs singlet. And no that's not some sort of wife-beater that some guy named Higgs would wear, but is in fact a little beastie that cannot be stopped by any force in the universe.... You see, researchers say that if the Large Hadron Collider ever finds a Higgs boson that it just might spit out a Higgs singlet which believe it or not can pop out of the fifth dimension whenever it feels like it, and can hypothetically appear at more or less any point along the space-time continuum.
Hummmm kinda sounds like a time machine don't it now?

Believe me, there is more in this article that will fry a few synapses. Check out the complete Dvice Article here

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