Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Cape Has Been Cleaned, Folded and Put Away...

Anyone out there watching "The Cape"? The plot is well worn and contrived but in a nut-shell, a cop is accused of committing heinous crimes. To clear his name he must make everyone believe that he is dead, even his wife and his young son. To clear his name he takes on the persona of a comic book character that his son adores called "The Cape", a mysterious masked and hooded vigilante.

NBC has been hosting the series staring David Lyons, Keith David, Summer Glau among others was scheduled for 13 episodes but rather quickly, NBC, reduced the order to 10 and then outright canceled the series. In an odd twist, NBC will not even air the final episode will only be available as an online exclusive.

The weirdest thing to come out of this latest cancellation are fans speculating that Summer Glau has a curse on her! lol I am serious! Glau fans unhappily point out that every show she has been a part of has been canceled! OH MY! lmao!

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JoshM said...

An odd little show ... seems like they never quite decided if they were going straight or campy. It definitely had its moments (both good and "you've gotta be kidding me") and I'd have been interested to see where they'd go with it.

Beam Me Up said...

Ahh Josh, but the latter would require NBC to take a chance and let a program find it's audience. Something NBC has never really been known for.

AvengingRelic said...

I was watching "The Cape" but I have to agree it was getting kinda boring and his wife seemed to move on too quickly... Personally she should have been bumped off from the beginning and the kid put in foster care. I love Summer Glau and was a fan of Serenity, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse. She could pull off a show like "Alias". I wish they'd use her to do a remake of "Get Smart" or "The Avengers".

Beam Me Up said...

Yep, I really am a Glau fan. I really didn't think she did her "best" work on Firefly though and I really like Firefly. As much as it causes people to scream, I liked her in SCC. I am trying to remember the name of the Terminator novel that sends back a female version with parts and plans inbedded in her body because of the living tissue restriction. I know it sounds much like Rise of the Machines (movie) but there were some critical differences. SCC played with that theme some and an expansion with Glau would be really good in my mind. I just think she makes a better Terminator. Without a question, Firefly / Serenity are a notch above average and her contributions to Alias were just the shot in the arm the show needed, but no sorry, she was wasted in the Cape. Too much banality even for this stunning person to overcome.

You are right about the number of characters that just needed to go. No one except maybe Keith David was crucial to the program and hence no one was really used to their potential.

Thanks for the note