Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eureka nets a 22 episode order for season 4

Airlock Alpha writes that the SyFy channel ordered 22 episodes for the fourth season of Eureka. That's four more than the 18 in the current season!

There is little doubt that Eureka is one of SyFy's most popular programs. The ratings have slipped a little lately, down to 2.7 million from an opener of 2.8 million at season 3 premier, so writers have been tasked with bringing up the audience with show ideas like a two part musical.

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Sharon E. Dreyer said...

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Beam Me Up said...

Oh Sharon!!!! cheap plug ouch!! you know as a sci-fi site, you might have asked if we would do a review! Look at what we are doing with Shaun and Colin for example.. More than willing to help promote with same venue short stories and the like. Lets play fair next time ok? Thanks.

Beam Me Up