Thursday, August 06, 2009

John Kessel reads Nebula Award winning "Pride And Prometheus"

Yeah, I know.....that address is freereads! JP Kelly's site...You're right! Jim is hosting John's reading! Here is what he writes in Freereads:
  • Here is Part One of the Nebula Award winning "Pride And Prometheus" written and read by my pal John Kessel who has graciously agreed to share his work with my Free Reads listeners. Check out John's website
Run time for part 1 is 29:06 and if you download it the size is 13mb


John D. said...

Isn't John Kellel John Kessel's arch nemesis? Just wondering...


Beam Me Up said...

LMAO!!! so much for checking my stuff huh John!!!

There fixed it! I got to stop posed after midnight!!!!