Sunday, August 23, 2009

DVD Review: Babylon A.D.

Babylon A.D.

based on the novel Babylon Babies by Maurice Georges Dantec.

Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz
Produced by Ilan Goldman

Vin Diesel
Michelle Yeoh
Mélanie Thierry

The first thing you know that something went very wrong on this picture is the wiki page I looked at budget and gross revenue...70 million and 71 million respectively.

Huston....we have a problem.

So, lets look at the movie first.

Set a few decades into the future, the movie opens in a Russian city. Due to overpopulation, terrorists and global warming, the cities and town are violent and dangerous. Diesel's character Toorop is a mercenary and an American ex-patriot. Toorop is hired by Russian mobster to deliver a young woman to America. That's about the whole movie. Diesel using a variety of weapons and vehicles to transport the young woman and her companion without knowing why. As it would happen, the young woman Aurora is much more that it would seem. To say exactly, would be too much of a spoiler, but saying there are political and religious implications and repercussions if she reaches New York and several factions are fighting for control of her.

The Plot is not fully realized in the film. Or to be more precise the movie is long on action and short on plot, even though it seems at every turn there is a back story being hinted at. Once or twice, its good to set up a character, but at the forth or fifth time, it's annoying because its clear that the film has no intention of back filling this history.

One curious shot is the opening sequence which shows of all things, the ISS obviously the worst for wear, which seemed really incongruous. I mean it appears that the solar panels are totaled but the hull looks what would have caused this kind of damage....and why so bad in just a few decades?!! I mean we have junk floating around since the 50s and 60 that looks like the day it was launched.... so to me it was more like 100 plus years...but I am nit picking..

What really made me want to take the dvd out and throw it was the ending scene which I will not do a spoiler again but only to say that I swear, they used "there's a storm coming" Honest!!!

So lets talk about the dvd, since this is a dvd review. I have to ask Why did they bother!? You have the movie and a selection of languages PERIOD! the special features?! Trailers for OTHER MOVIES! even the making of short is for another movie!!!! What a complete waste of time for the dvd format!! No deleted scenes, no making of short, no director cometary NOTHING! This is an embarrassment for 20th Century Fox. Lazy and cheap hardly worth renting let along buying!

The movie is not as bad as reviewers had it during it's original release, but as a DVD the movie is a complete waste of time. PASS

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