Monday, August 24, 2009

Warehouse 13 up for 13 more!

Mark Wilson writing in the scifi /fantasy blog notes that the SyFy channel has reupped Warehouse 13 with ta da 13 new episodes ordered and scheduled to air during the summer of 2010.

Cast members returning for another round include Eddie McClintock (Pete), Joanne Kelly (Myka), Saul Rubinek (Artie), and Allison Scagliotti (Claudia). No mention of Leena (Genelle Williams), which is no surprise, I mean how many times have you seen her on screen and when you do its a "who's that again?" Leena has got to be one of the most underwritten character I recall in a sci-fi show....I would hazard a guess that the character is red shirted soon.

So if you're a fan like I am, time to celebrate. We all know that the name has changed but the stuff inside is still hard to figure out and that it received ANY episode buys at all is amazing knowing full well Sci-Fi oh excuse me SyFy's propensity for canceling any show that is even remotely entertaining.

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