Sunday, August 23, 2009

Creating Artificial Personalities

The Daily Galaxy has posted a great article written by Luke McKinney, concerning ongoing work to produce artificial personalities. Now before we get all hyper weird on this subject, I have to say that I am a believer in the split between mind and body, or the brain. The brain is the structure capable of supporting the software that we think of as the "mind". The reason I am bringing this up at all is that at some point researchers are going to be able to build hardware that will be on par with a human brain. But just building the hardware does not imbue it with a mind. But hardware capable of the massively parallel processing that the human mind is capable of requires software well beyond the if this happens do this, that is prevalent in today's robotic equipment. If we want to get anywhere near Asimov's positronic powered robots, we are going to have to throw out virtually all of the presently held ideas on how a robotic or artificial personality would operate.

But even so, A research collaboration between Samsung and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology are tackling this enormous project in an unusual way and with an unusual model.

The article is something that should be read in it's entirety here

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